SEYA New Member Package

New to CrossFit?


Congratulations!  You’ve made it this far, which means you’re interested in giving  this CrossFit thing a try and researching the best box (aka gym) for you.  Perhaps you’ve turned on ESPN and randomly seen a bunch of burly men and women throwing barbells around, seen a bunch of shirtless athletes carrying plates while running around the block near your office, or know a friend or colleague who belongs to a box.   Regardless of how you found us, we’re glad you did!


First things first…No two CrossFit boxes are created equal.  While the main tenets of CrossFit remain the same, each box has its own unique culture, programming, schedule, class times, community, and heartbeat.  Finding the right box and community to integrate into could be the reason you either fall in love with CrossFit or absolutely hate it.  Take the time to check out all the boxes near you and pay attention to coaching, programming, and community.   Schedule time to talk with the coaches or owners about your own fitness goals and find out whether that box is able to help you meet those goals.


SEYA focuses on long-term fitness.  We believe health and wellness can’t be achieved with quick programs or the latest fad or diet.  Health and wellness is a daily commitment you have to make to yourself with long term goals and results while celebrating wins and gains on that journey.  Our programming, coaching, and overall offerings are designed to keep our members healthy and well.

CrossFit Foundation classes are offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 PM.  Members who are new to CrossFit  must take a minimum of 4 Foundations classes before advancing to regular class times. 

New Member Package: 

  • 3 months of Unlimited CrossFit 

  • 2 Body Composition DEXA scans (one at joining and one at the end of the three months

  • 1 Nutrition guidance packet from MOD Nutrition to help you jump start eating right 

A $675.00 retail value


$160.00 per month for three months! 

The above package is based on a commitment of three months of CrossFit (paid over three months) as we believe it takes three months to really see results as a beginner (skills, fitness, body composition changes).  If you're a commitment phob then head back over to our membership page here and sign up for month - to - month, however the goodies included here don't follow!***

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