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SEYA CrossFit...


At SEYA, we believe in movement integrity and proper technique. We're more impressed with how members conduct lifts and moving their body weight effectively and efficiently than we are with how much weight is loaded on the bar.  


All of our CrossFit Classes are 60 minutes long and led by an experienced and certified CrossFit Coach. The components of each class include a warmup, skill/strength development, the Workout of the Day, followed up by a cool down.  

To ensure each class attendee receives proper coaching and attention, our CrossFit classes are capped at fourteen members to ensure the Coach has the ability to "touch" each athlete; whether it be cuing through a lift, correcting or assisting with gymnastics movements, or helping a member get through a tough workout.

CrossFit has always been known for its community aspect and SEYA is no different.  Our community is an extension of ourselves and we consider ourselves one of the tightest knit crews out there.  

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3315 Eastern Ave Baltimore , MD 21224

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